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I think I was 13 when I made my very first site.  It was hosted at Angelfire and it was about magic tricks (another passion of mine).  It had nothing but links and I just left it lying on the web.  I could remember having thousands of visitors then.  When I was 15,  I used the service provided by Goplay (now defunct).  The original content were 9 pages of quotations that I have painstakingly typed.  I then moved it from server to server.  Added jokes, removed jokes, added pages that always said under construction.  I probably have changed the look of demiguin sites for around 5 times.  My taste for the websites I create are extremely bad but ironically, very insatiable.


So what is a demiguin?  It's actually very corny, you may want to skip this part.  A while back, I wanted to create a website that wasnt named after me.  I wanted a code name.  I wanted a codename that was unique that no one else thought of.  I looked in the dictionary, found the word `demigod ' (half man, half god) and mixed it with a penguin ( some say I look like a penguin, well I dont now) and thus, demiguin was born.  
(Told ya it was corny!)

Me and the Web

I cant remember exactly when I began using a computer.  But I think I was 9 years old when I first surfed the net using my brother's 486.  The first site I visited was one of Jonathan Jackson.  Then, I thought a guestbook was something that should be left alone.  I didnt know what email was and I was totally clueless about how the net works.  

A couple of years later, my brother built me my own computer (yep, using his own money).  It had a black and white screen.  That was when I became engrossed with Point-and-Click Adventure games.  Entering commands via DOS, I became a bit proficient with it.  I understood that there was nothing wrong with trying commands out as long as they didnt involve commands such as del and format.  My interest over computers grew.  I learned Windows, how to program using BASIC, and how to BBS.

So the story goes on with me staring at my screen every night.  Eventually learning HTML (through the use of a Web-Authoring Prog Web-It), flash, photoshop etc.  Through chatting with people from all over the world, my grammar improved.  I learned to read Braille (really basic) and learned to cook.  I improved my drawing techniques and learned a lot of new stuff.

Over-all, I am thankful to whoever made computers and surfing possible.  ( I have studied them but dont have their names on hand).  Mr. Vint Cerf, Kudos to you!

To those who are still hesitant to explore, remember: "We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them"  Read, explore, LEARN. 

Just Me

Just so you know, everything on this site I have made with passion.  I love making websites, sketching, drawing, etc.  They give me a sense of fulfillment (cheap, I know)  And just so you know, I am studying Nursing.  It's a childhood dream of mine.  Between being a kid and a Senior HS student thinking of a course, other careers have crossed my mind.  But quite frankly, I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.  

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