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Autograph Collection

I started collecting around 1997, but that was just for a short period of time.  I sent a lot of requests but not much came back to me.  I renewed my interest 2003.  And in just a short period of time, I managed to triple my collection.

These are all through the mail.  And as a rule, you cant say that an item is authentic unless you saw the artist sign it in person. But there are those obvious fakes like preprints and autopens.

I am into the hobby because of the sheer pleasure I get from it.  The excitement of going home and finding envelopes waiting for you.  I only write to artists whom I know and like.  I have a certain degree of appreciation and respect for them and I am sincerely grateful to them for sparing a moment of their time for other people.    

AJ Trauth
Wallace Dalglish
Jay Leno

NAME Known for Received Method Picture
Ann B Davis Actress 2 SIC + ISP Snail Scan Scan
***AJ Trauth*** Actor ISP + SIC + S Letter Snail Scan Scan
Bob Barker Host PP Email Scan
Bob Cousy Basketball Player ISIC Snail Scan
Bill Plympton Cartoonist S Postcard + Letter  Email Scan
Brendon Ryan Barrett Actor ISP Snail Scan
Charlie Daniels Fiddler/Singer CISP + 2 CDs Email Scan
Creagen Dow Actor ISP Email Scan
Colin Firth Actor CISP Snail Scan
Colin Mochrie Comedian SP Snail Scan
Christina Ricci Actress Autopen Snail Scan
Daniel Samonas Actor ISP Email Scan
Danielle Steel Author CSP + Letter Email Scan
Ewan Mcgregor Actor SP Snail Scan
Florence Henderson Actress 2 PPs + ISIC Snail+Email Scan Scan Scan
Helmut Kohl Politician Autopen Email Scan
***Jay Leno*** Host ISP Email Scan
Jose Carreras Singer CSP Email Scan
Jackie Chan Actor CSP Snail Scan
Jean Chretien Politician Autopen Email Scan
Julie Garwood Author CISP Email Scan
Joe Mozian Comedian IS Postcard Email Scan
JP Roeske Actor ISP Snail Scan
Keiko Agena Actress ISP Email Scan
Keith Famie Chef/Survivor Finalist CISP + ISIC + IS Cookbook Snail Scan Scan Scan
Kevin Zegers Actor ISP Snail Scan
Lane Brody Singer CISP + IS CD  Email Scan Scan
Lilian Garcia Announcer CISP Email Scan
Lloyd Kaufman Director PP Email Scan
Leah Remini Actress ISP Snail Scan
Matthew Botuchis Actor ISP + S Letter Snail Scan
Melissa Joan Hart Actress ISP Snail Scan
Michael Leavitt Politician Autopen + Letter Email Scan
Michael O'Laskey Actor ISP + S Letter Snail Scan
Michelle Stafford Actress SP Email Scan
Nate Richert Actor ISP Snail Scan
Phil Keoghan Host - Amazing Race CISP Email Scan
Phil Proctor Voice Actor - Howard IS Postcard Email Scan
Rick Campanelli Much Music CISP Email Scan
Robin Sachs Actor ISP Email Scan
Steven Anthony Lawrence Actor ISP Email Scan
Shawn Bradley Basketball Player 2 Signed Cards Snail Scan Scan
Savage Garden Singer PP Snail Scan
Tony Curtis Actor CSP Email Scan
Tony Hawk Athlete - Skateboard PP Email Scan
Toby Keith SInger Autopen Email Scan
Taran Noah Smith Actor SP Snail Scan
***Wallace Dalglish*** Actor ISP Email Scan

ISP - Inscribed  Signed Photo
CISP - Colored Inscribed Signed Photo
SP - Signed Photo
CSP - Colored Signed Photo
SIC - Signed Index Card
ISIC - Inscribed Signed Index Card
PP - Pre-print

S - Signed
IS - Inscribed Signed

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