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Value of Research in Literature       

          Literature, as defined by Mr.Webster, is the totality of written works. These written works are simply timeless. They are often the basis of new books, poetry, manuscripts etc. Neophyte writers and poets are inspired by these classics on how cleverly they were written. What I especially like about these classics are the fact that they were written with such depth and flowery language. But what I like more than reading literatures is reading the life story of great writers. You will learn that these writers lived a life much like ours.

I would focus on the English literature. One classic writer who I am sure everybody has heard of is William Shakespeare. I went to the library and searched for a book about Shakespeare. I found a book that was published in 1932. It said in the book that there was very little known about Shakespeare. It didnít mention much about his marriage or his life as a child. It made me wonder, Shakespeare died centuries ago. How come that there is very little known about one of the greatest writers of all time? I was going to write a paper about a fictional information circulating about Shakespeare and how research would prove this theory wrong. So I tried using the modern way of gathering information. I searched the net about Shakespeare. And found more information than I was looking for. I found out that Shakespeare got married at a very young age to an older woman.

This is how I concluded that research is a vital part of literature. Because part of literature is the life of the writer who wrote the classics. For people like me whose basis of making poetry is the inspiration I get from people like Shakespeare, I want to know that they lived a life just like ours. So that I would be inspired to strive hard to reach for my goals because I know that it is possible.


English Writers and American Writers copyright 1932 by Cross, Smith, Stauffer

copyright 2003