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These are documents I have made myself of have gathered from around the web.  Proper credits were given.  If you have concerns regarding the ownership of these files, please direct them to .  Please be nice.  :-) 

Every document would be opened in the window below.

NOTE**  If you want to print a document, just right-click anywhere within the document and choose print.  :-) Please keep all credits intact.

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Quotes Love Quotes 1 | Love Quotes 2
Jokes Murphy's Law | Pick Up Lines | Stupid Questions | Yo Mama Jokes | Court Humor
Fun Things to do... While Driving | In an Airplane | In a Bathroom Stall | In the Workplace | In a Fast Food Chain | In a Courtroom | In a Supermarket | First Day of Classes | Failing with Style | In a Library | In an Elevator | with People
Research Papers Cognitive Learning | Self-Perception and Dieting | Paranoia | St.Dominic de Guzman | Sucrose | Blood Pressure
Trivia and Other Info Incredible Coincidences | World's Most Famous Curses | UFO Sightings | WD-40 | Stories Behind Several Inventions | Secrets of David Blaine | Things You Might Not Have Known | Interesting Facts
Other Guides Tips on Writing and Interviews | Essay Writing Tips
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