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Choosing an Email

by demiguin


In choosing an email, you should consider the following factors:

1. The stability of the email company

this is very important. if the email company you signed up for is not stable, chances are, it would be closing up pretty soon or the company would ask you to pay for their services (which was once free).

2. Cost of the service

FREE- there are several companies that offer free email. if you are just a regular surfer who needs an email ad for surfing, signing up, mails from friends and/or families, then i suggest you look for an email comp that offer free service. although the services are free, it doesnt neccesarily mean that the quality is sacrificed. Yahoo and Hotmail happens to be two of the web's most popular email providers. they are quite stable and best of all, they are free. they also offer a good range of services and options. the downside of these free services is that they are so famous, the chances of your name's availabily is slim. for example, if you are a guy named john and is looking for an email ad like, you better look somewhere else.

PAID- if you are someone who has the money to spend or someone who does not want the same old email address, this is for you. paid email services are often better than free ones. they offer additional services like extra space or mail forwarding.

3. Availability of your username

As mentioned before, if you are going to sign up with yahoo or hotmail, the chances of you getting your first choice is slim. be sure that you have a unique name ready in mind just in case the name you want is already taken.

4. Services offered

Different comapnies offer different services like email forwarding, folders etc. be sure that if you pick an email ad, you have already considered the services they have to offer.

Terms used in email interface:

Compose-write a new mail ready for sending

Send-send the mail that you have just written or want to send.

Forward-sending the mail you have received to another person.

Subject-this is where you place the topic of your mail. you dont have to fill this one up. if it asks if it is ok to send the mail without subject, just say yes.

CC- i think this means carbon copy. which means that every mail you send, you will get a copy

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