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Ten Most Compelling UFO Sightings

This is from a local BBS.  I am in no way claiming ownership to this document.  This is put here for a non-profit cause -- to benefit the public.  If you have objections about the copyright of this document, please direct it to thanks! The data is presented as is, I am neither confirming nor denying the validity of this document.

1. "Hudson Valley," or the Westchester Wing, NY 1984
    Thousands of reports, mostly nocturnal, of large, silent, hovering
    object with series of rotating lights. Reports came from many highly
    credible individuals including meteorologists, news reporters, and
    police chiefs. "Planes in formation" theory still in contention;
    however, videos taken by area resident of both the object and a
    formation of planes shows distinct differences. Intermittent sightings
    to this day.

2. "Cash/Landrum", outside Houston, TX 1979
    Two ladies and 5-year-old boy report diamond-shaped object belching
    fire from beneath, surrounded by CH-47-style helicopters. Soon after
    sighting, all three suffered strange maladies which were likened to
    radiation poisoning. Klass explains as hoax, saying that the witness'
    pre-sighting medical conditions were not released to him for

3. "Roswell Incident," outside Corona, NM 1947
    Object crashed in remote location on a large ranch in early July, 1947.
    Debris recovered by AAF, who issued hasty press release saying "Flying
    Disk" had been recovered. Press release retracted the next day, and
    press conference held at which it was revealed the object was, in fact,
    a Rawin sonde (a device used to calibrate radar). 30 years later, AF
    intelligence officer Maj. J. Marcel claimed that the object was "not of
    this earth", that the press conference was a sham. Interviews with over
    150 witnesses reinforce anomalous nature of object.

4. "Army Helicopter", Mansfield, OH 1974
    Four National Guardsman aboard Bell UH-1H chopper report sighting
    large nocturnal object on collision course. Pilot-in-Command Capt.
    Coyne puts chopper in descent mode. Object stops in front of chopper,
    then continues westward travel, after which Coyne discovers that
    chopper actually rose 2000 ft. Klass' explanation of a bolide is not
    supported by testimony, circumstances, or scientific principles.

5. "Bentwaters," Rendlesham Forest, UK 1979
    Three separate sightings of anomalous lights near a NORAD base in the
    UK. Official report filed by deputy base commander, who also taped the
    on-site investigation carried out by Air Police detachment. Occurence
    produced many witnesses, some of whom swear a craft was sighted. Invest-
    igation hampered by conflicting testimony, Britain's Secrets Act, grand-
    standing by one less than credible witness, and possibly the "Control
    Group" -- A US Senator began looking into the affair, but abruptly halted
    and would not communicate further with UFO researchers.

6. "Washington Invasion," Washington, DC 1952
    Several fast-moving objects appear on radarscopes at three separate
    installations, including Andrews AFB. Interceptors scrambled, but don't
    find anything. Same thing happens the next night, this time objects
    confirmed by ground observers. Largest peace-time press conference in
    govt. history called to explain to reporters that radar traces were
    caused by thermal inversions, despite absence of proper weather
    conditions on the nights in question.

7. "Great Falls Film", Great Falls, MN 1954
    Little League baseball coach films two objects streaking across sky
    near an AFB. Original explanation was that objects were F-100s on
    approach to AFB, but photo-analysis shows objects to be travelling much
    too fast.

8. "Trent Photo", McMinnville, OR 1950
    Actually two photos taken by farmer with Polaroid camera, depict
    classic domed saucer. Foreground objects provide good references for
    analysis, which shows object to be around 30 ft. diameter, and at least
    1/4 mile distant. Shadows on foreground structure may be inconsistent
    with time of day provided by photographer; however, that is immaterial
    to analysis of the image's size and distance.

9. "Travis Walton," Snowflake, AZ 1974
    Five woodcutters allegedly witness abduction of their comrade aboard
    UFO. Abductee reappears five days later, fails first lie detector,
    after which he and four other witnesses pass, one is inconclusive.
    Controversy surrounds suppression of first lie detector results.

10. "My wife's sighting," Fountain Hills, AZ 1989
    My wife and another witness, a friend of mine, stood in my backyard
    about 1AM and witnessed a large, silent, hovering object with bright,
    multi-colored lights that strobed in a diamond-shaped pattern. The
    object then took off to the northeast and vanished in less than a
    second. (Where was I? ASLEEP, DAMMIT!) Interviewed separately,
    witnesses gave basically the same description. Cursory check with area
    airports, AFBs yielded no clues.


This file was originally prepared by ParaNet for use in a talk by Maj. James
McGaha of CSICOP. We bequeath it to the public domain.

*** From demiguin:
When I was around 7 years old, I was walking back towards my aunt's house.  I saw a huge disk shaped craft with round lights hovering above me and my mom (she testifies she saw it too).  I could disctinctly remember my mom saying that it would be all over the news the next day -- it wasn't.

copyright demiguin :